Animal Control

Houston Animal Safety & Protection (HASP) provides animal control, registration, lost & found, and adoption services to the City of Houston. Animal Control's administration is part of the Houston Fire Department. The shelter is located at 12176 W. Birch Road but is not staffed regularly and appointments must be scheduled for drop-off or adoptions.

HASP can be reached at (907) 892-9130. You can also leave a message at Houston City Hall (907-892-6869) and they will forward to the on-duty officer.

Houston Animal Control does not service outside of the Houston city limits. If your animal control issue is outside the city limits, please contact the Mat-Su Borough at 907-746-5500. If you need assistance with a wildlife situation, please call Fish & Game at 907-746-6300.  For emergencies or questions related to wild birds, contact the Alaska Wild Bird Rehabilitation Center across the street from our shelter at 907-892-2927 (they cannot assist with domesticated birds).

Please remember that you are your pet's best friend and protector. Do what is best for your pet; vaccinations, ID tags, a safe, clean environment, proper daily exercise, a warm, dry place for shelter, and fresh food and water every day. A simple AVID or Home Again Microchip can be provided for your pet by your veterinary clinic. We also would like to remind you that the State of Alaska requires mandatory rabies vaccinations for all pets. They can be obtained at a fairly reasonable cost. 

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